About us

Homba Crafts specializes in beaded stethoscopes and other beaded accessories. We are known for our signature colorful beaded stethoscope which is now in countries such as America, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and Saudi Arabia. We also make isiShweshwe (prints worn in South Africa and Lesotho) scrubs for health workers and other items.

Homba Crafts embraces African crafts, for that reason we travel around Africa collecting crafts such as beaded accessories, African prints, leather and hand-woven bags, and many other pieces that we sell. We pride ourselves for showcasing traditional and modern African crafts.

Our story

UkuHomba means adornment. When someone likes to dress up, wear beads, earrings, and other jewels, in Xhosa it is normally said “ubani uyayithanda ihombo” – so and so likes being adorned. Homba comes from Hombakazi, our founder’s first name – Hombakazi Mercy Nqandeka.  

Homba Crafts started in December 2018 when our founder Mercy completed her double master’s degree in agriculture and Climate Change Transitions at the National University of Ireland and SupAgro, France. All she had when she landed back home in Elliotdale, Eastern Cape, South Africa was her last cheque of her stipend.

A few days after her return, she boarded a flight to Nairobi, Kenya where she stocked Masai beaded shoes, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces and other items. She moved to stay with family in Mthatha where she could sell her goods while she looked for a job (which was very hard). She sold these from a backpack that she would walk around with to offices in town.

Before she knew it, she was able to fix broken earrings and from there she started making her Homba Craft line of just earrings which grew into bracelets and neckpieces. She got orders from all around the country and abroad, thanks to the power of social media.

Corona virus came in 2020 and her business took a punch and her dreams of getting a job dimmed. She then moved to her village at Mqele to live with her mother. She continued making beads and she tried out beading stethoscopes and showed it on social media where it boomed. She got many orders that kept her going during the difficult times.

Three years later, the business is still flourishing. Homba Crafts beaded stethoscopes are still trending on social media. In Novembar 2021 we received a corporate order to bead 155 stethoscopes adding up to the individual orders they get every month. Families, friends, and lovers are surprising their loved ones with beaded stethoscopes.

Our process

All our pieces are made of the finest quality materials and workmanship.

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Our team

Hombakazi Mercy Nqandeka
Founder & CEO

Mercy founded Homba Crafts and currently serves as CEO. She is passionate about preserving African culture and training young women in the art of African beadmaking.

Nonceba Masiso
African beadmaker

After her matric, Nonceba returned to her village and later moved to our village for marriage. 

Yandiswa Nyingizwayo
African beadmaker

After matric, Yandiswa did a short-course on computers but struggled to find a job. Beadmaking at Homba Crafts is her first form of employment.

We are growing

From our tiny village in Eastern Cape, South Africa, we’ve managed to make a positive impact.


We have customers in seven different countries across the globe. 


We’ve trained 4 local people in the art of bead-making. 


We’ve sold over 300 products to happy customers across the globe.