Isigcina ntliziyo (old woman)


This necklace encapsulates the essence of a woman whose spirit yearns to dance, even as her feet bear the marks of age and weariness. Dancing, an integral part of Xhosa culture, finds a profound expression in this piece. Despite the physical toll of time on her feet, the woman’s hands are raised, symbolizing an enduring connection to the joy of clapping and rhythmic movement to a song. Reserved exclusively for older women, this necklace serves as a tribute to their wisdom and experience.

In contemporary times, this necklace stands as a remarkable gift, especially fitting for a woman entering retirement. While her movements may not be as swift, her uplifted hands signify active participation and a commitment to imparting knowledge both in her professional domain and within her home.

Our recreation of these pieces draws inspiration from the rich legacy documented in old books, such as those by Joan A Broster. This endeavor serves as a means to revitalize and preserve our cultural narratives and traditional craftsmanship. It’s essential to acknowledge and respect the immense dedication and skill of the artisans who originally crafted these pieces; this particular necklace, a labor of love, required approximately 10 hours to complete.