Frequently Asked Questions

  • We use POSTNET for all our clients
  • After we have completed making your order, we will ship it to you. The shipping duration depends on where you are located –  

    For South African customers:

    • Approximately 1 – 5 days depending on town

    For international customers:

    • Approximately 2 – 7 days depending on country
  • Yes, you can send, and we will bead and send it back
  • Another option is that we can source a Littman Lightweight II S.E or any of your choice upon payment
  • Yes, upon order and deposit we can source a stethoscope for you – according to your preference. 

    Yes, in fact we encourage that option because you get to choose the brand you prefer.

    The choice of a brand depends on your preference.

    Although we have our suggested colors, we are always happy to accomodate your colour combinations.

    It takes us slightly more than a week to bead and send back the stethoscope.

    For international clients (outside of South Africa), we sell ready-beaded stethoscopes only. You pay for the stethoscope and shipping costs. We normally use POSTNET, however, choose your preferred courier company. 

    When you send your own stethoscope, you pay when we receive it. If buying a ready beaded stethoscope, you pay when you place an order. Payments are made to our FNB business account. We also use PayPal for international payments.

    Depending on whether you are buying premade or bespoke orders you pay at different points. If you are buying a ready made stethoscope:

    • You pay when you place an order.

    If you are sending us your own stethoscope:

    • You pay when we receive your stethoscope.

    Currently, we have three payment methods:

    • EFT into our FNB account (for South African customers)
    • PayPal (for international customers)
    • Debit and credit cards (via Payfast on our website)




    South African customers can deposit into our South African bank account:

    Bank Name: First National Bank

    Account Holder: Hombakazi Mercy Nqandeka

    Account Number: 62939265692

    Branch code: 210521

    You can WhatsApp or call us at +27 66 18 60 165. We could change the order if its not already shipped.

    You can contact us at +27 66 18 60 165. We could change the order if it’s not already shipped.

    Yes, POSTNET has that option on additional costs.

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